Summer dress bestie fashion T-shirt striped pants nine Haren pants size two suit leisure tide

Summer dress bestie fashion T-shirt striped pants nine Haren pants size two suit leisure tide

Summer dress bestie fashion T-shirt striped pants nine Haren pants size two suit leisure tide

Summer dress bestie fashion T-shirt striped pants nine Haren pants size two suit leisure tide

Summer dress bestie fashion T-shirt striped pants nine Haren pants size two suit leisure tide

001., such a price, clothes and pants are not reasonable in the sense of the. But did not expect the quality can be sent to me all laughed. The two legs are all inclined, wearing pants, outside of the line almost to the knees, the whole leg inclined especially serious. On both sides of the pocket is not as large as the top elastic pants that is all is inclined. The bottom line running clothes and collar is inclined. I am 172 tall, clothes to wear, but also not to the navel. Ah…… I seriously doubt that people who do clothes, not blind is a fool! Taobao nearly 8 years, almost did not give a bad review, although this dress really really really bad, still used to praise, who let their own petty gain. Cloth is very soft, when a furniture suit.

Bang Bang Da ~ the thinking of more than 10 blocks should also improvise to wear, but look at the pictures of models wearing version of the type of good, also hurtle to buy cheap, did not expect the hand after trying on the effect of good, can wear can also be when the home service, cloth is not the kind of cheap hard and rough, the clothes have a stick to similar mosquito blood stains, but the water can wash rub.

Baby received, quality Bang Bang Da, the price to buy such a dress really cost-effective, little baby, do not know can I can not wear, only the baby born after wearing the watch, no matter size inappropriate will not refund the, think should be enough! I really like this dress!

The clothes and the picture is not the same, is the kind of thin, soft material. Feeling quality can also, wearing comfortable. 47 kilograms, 160 to wear m number, pants just, the coat is a little fat.

Clothes received! Overall is good, the price is also very cheap, the only drawback is that the clothes do not know what is dirty, like a large piece of color or rub the things do not know can not be washed off.

Wear comfortable, very breathable, is particularly tall skinny! Striped pants with a simple letter shirt, colleagues say that there is a special temperament! Sent a circle of friends, like a non-stop it! Ha, happy! Give the seller a big praise! I hope your business is becoming more and more expensive!

This price to buy such clothes are also good? It’s very comfortable to wear, clothes code may be a bit tight pants to wear up a little tight, no picture looks so loose.

Yes, very close to wear, that is, a little bit long pants are also fine, you can prevent mosquitoes ha ha! Dress is very comfortable, the focus is affordable and cheap ah! Like hold on

Clothes soft soft, wearing particularly long legs. But unlike the picture that narrow trousers, if a little narrower as well. When the home service is good, if it is not out to estimate what the. The trousers are more obvious from behind.

Twenty yuan to buy clothes, like it is a good joke, a price of a goods, particularly thin trousers with elastic

Clothes put on fat, polyester cotton material does not absorb sweat, put on hot, the proposed size has little, returned goods is not worth when ten pieces of clothes. Think of such cheap clothes also want good material, but also to how good clothes, really is no good cheap goods not good goods cheaper, after buying the clothes brand and passed the most important, clothes line touched invisible, only by a picture see what

The quality is OK, the pants are a bit too long, look at pictures of models wearing pants legs is tight, but I was wearing loose legs

Good quality…… Is I wear out feeling angular, all traces of clearly, this dress is prefer to buy a code code can not buy the right, really trace too obvious, stomach, and the stomach can clearly separate, was to take a maximum code may be a little better… Return and replacement are not whining so be it

Although is ten dollars don’t expect much good. Get it back is dirty, looking for customer service or ignore, before because making the wrong to ignore I didn’t mind, but again this is too much, or you don’t sell, sold you to serve, if not at least to a star, I a heart didn’t want to give.

Like, very comfortable to wear, and stylish, this summer to buy the most love of a set of clothes, and this price is less than 20, like the beauty, do not hesitate to start!

Said a penny a sub goods, and sent the pants have a big hole, or open the bag to see, then the obvious

Material, feeling is quite comfortable, wear in the body is also quite comfortable, is pants over when a thread, are separated. And then he sew a seam, the other are very good.

Very very satisfied with a shopping, fabric is very soft, wearing a special comfortable, very good sense of feeling, parents do not hesitate to do

I had thought that I could not wear the pants so thin I could wear this big thick legs.

Just get it back when I try to think about and her husband came back and said nice is that I have no shoes, is really the TSK, ha ha, really is no wrong is pretty good now. I also like, fabric is very good: -)