2016 summer dress dress sleeve stripe vest no Korean modal in slim dress code base

2016 summer dress dress sleeve stripe vest no Korean modal in slim dress code base

2016 summer dress dress sleeve stripe vest no Korean modal in slim dress code base

2016 summer dress dress sleeve stripe vest no Korean modal in slim dress code base

001., appropriate size. Good sense of good workmanship. It’s a little bit wide. Overall satisfaction

It is really nice and cool really affordable slide!

Clothing is good, is the kind of elastic fabric. Unfortunately, the front and back of the fringe asymmetry. But this price has been considered a good price.

Baby good, express is also very fast!

Dongdong received immediately tried it on, very comfortable to wear close fitting, modal and elastic, good quality, gave a tight pants, the seller service attitude is very good, ready to again to my sister to buy a piece!

Baby I will receive a try, the material is very good, what color is my love, very comfortable to wear.

Receive the baby ~ love ~ material is also very good to very comfortable to likes the friend quickly orders ha ~ ~ there are sent to safety trousers ha

Is wide, figure on the wide, thin, modal, I bought a skirt when lining, I bought 117 XL thin.

Yiyi good quality personal cool length is just what I want to ~ ~ it is worth buying

You receive water washed out, not fade without deformation, fabric is very comfortable, very breathable, like a!

You got good, baby. Received on the wear colleagues have said that very beautiful. Cost-effective, did not expect such a good clothes, fabric is flexible, wear this also comfortable, look at the big belly can also wear is too cheap, really worth the value, the next time also to buy the store to buy, praise the whole 5 points

Baby, good quality, the absolute value for money, love – don’t hesitate, wear the fancy Da, fat crush spring?

19 wallet mail, not only to work well and have good fabrics, those poor assessment of why you do not pick it? Anyway, I feel very good, height 170 weight 129, very slim but not tight. Very comfortable and very thin, this kind of clothes is to go out for a walk when wearing, want to wear in formal occasions or don’t dream, after all, the price here.

Clothes are too good to be well received, and described the same as wearing comfortable next time will also be in to buy a black

Fabric is very comfortable. Receive the baby, I’ll tell you the truth, I also often network, the purchase is a good agreement, the styles, the fabric is soft, quality is good did not say, good flexibility, length can also be, didn’t steal material of industry and thrift, very satisfied to 5 points.

Modal before buying, receive the kind of a look, has no connection to the fabric and the modal point, I’m afraid of heat, the fabric in summer I couldn’t wear, anyway also not much money, keep to others. Express very fast.

Really very good quality is very good has been in the home to buy a real cheap customer service attitude is very good patience and meticulous express good anyway, a trusted praising

A transparent, thin, soft

Received the goods, the quality is very good, feel very comfortable, fabric soft and the seller described in full agreement. Very satisfied, not a transparent, fast delivery, packing is tight, the style is tide. The price is very favorable, very satisfied. Friends have been introduced to buy two, and also said that good, the pro who quickly started it!

Skirt is very suitable, can not think of twenty yuan less than the price to buy such a favorite baby, surprise.